Ferrari Carbon v.2 Theme for Windows XP (final version)

\\ Ferrari-Carbon v. 2.0 theme for Windows XP (final release)
\\ By Jamiro-Style
Dedicated to all Ferrari supporters and lovers.

Ferrari - Carbon v.2.0 (beta)

Ferrari-Carbon v. 2.0 beta (Ferrari theme for Windows XP)
\\ By Jamiro-Style
Dedicated to all Ferrari supporters and lovers.

What is a Visual Style and how to use it

A Visual Style sets the colors and the style of the Windows XP graphic interface. A Theme is a pack that includes a visual style, some icons and a desktop wallpaper. Usually in Windows XP there are only two visual styles: Classic and Luna. The installation of other themes or visual styles is not allowed by default.

Ferrari - Carbon v.1.0 beta

This is my first work. It was published on DeviantArt. Over 1,000 downloads in 2 weeks.

About Samurize

Serious Samurize (or Samurize) is a free system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine for Windows used by IT professionals, overclockers, gamers, and desktop modders for system information, weather reports, news headlines, and other uses.

Styler Toolbar guide

Styler Toolbar is a famous small free program for Windows XP.
It can add a drop shadow to windows, change the Clear Type contrast, change a visual style's color or the wallpaper and much more ...